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Senior's Month

This June (2014) our focus will be on Seniors. This is any pet aged over 7.

We are offering a Health check and urine test for $35. (This would normally cost $97)

  • The health check will check:
    • Teeth
    • Skin and coat
    • Eyes
    • Musculoskeletal (Looking for evidence of arthritis)
    • Lumps and Bumps that have appeared.
    • Heart and Lungs
  • The urine test can give us early clues to changes in your dogs body that can't be picked up by a physical examination alone.It will tell us whether your pet has any evidence of:
    • Blood in the urine
    • Pus (Neutrophils ) in the urine
    • Glucose (sugar)
    • Kidney disease.
    • Excess Protein in the urine.
  • Please note: A urine test is a one off result, and it can be affected by when your pet last drank and went to the toilet. Results will need to account for this, some animals will need to have repeat urine tests or blood tests to confirm whether there is any active disease.
  • If you are able to collect a urine sample before you come in, it can make it a lot easier.