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Dogs - Behaviour & Training

  • The training of your puppy starts from when you get them home.

Dogs - Ticks

  • Tick season starts in August and is at its Peak during Spring. During spring your pet may need to be clipped to make searching easier. All pets should be searched every day.
  • There are products available that can help minimise the chances of your pet being affected by Ticks. No product is 100% effective and it is extremely important that you search your pet, even when using a product.
  • If your dog is affected by a tick you may notice a change in its bark. It may also vomit or gag.

Dogs - Fleas

Fleas are typically are a very annoying problem for you and your pet. They can also be carriers of worms, like the Tapeworm. In our area fleas breed all year round, although they tend to be a little slower through winter. An adult flea can lay 2000 eggs in its lifetime. You can now see why your environment can quickly become overloaded with fleas. About 95% of the flea problem then remains OFF your pet. Without good environmental control measures or consistent treatment, you will never get rid of the fleas.

Dogs - Heartworm

It is important to understand that if you are using an intestinal allwormer, that this does not cover your pet against Heartworm. Heartworm is a worm that is spread by infected mosquitos. When an mosquito carrying the juvenile heartworm feeds on your dog, the worm can spread into the tissues and eventually the blood stream of your dog. It will eventually lodge in the lungs and migrate to the heart where it causes Lung disease and Heart failure. Heartworm can rarely find humans and other animals as a host.

Dogs - Desexing

  • We recommend desexing at 6 months of age.This is normally when your puppies adult canines have come through.
  • This is normally before your female dogs first heat and before your male dogs testosterone driven behaviours have set in, like roaming and peeing all over everything.
  • It is normally a day surgery with your pet coming in between 8 and 9am. Your pet will normally go home between 4 and 5pm. We normally require a couple of days notice to book your pet in.

Dogs - Pet Insurance

  • It is worth considering Pet Insurance, as it can make some pretty expensive bills a lot more affordable. We normally suggest you contact your normal insurer who may have insurance to cover your pet for a additional monthly fee.
  • You will need to check just what they cover, in our area, it would be preferable to have some cover against Snakes and Tick intoxications.

Dogs - Dental Care

  • 80% of Pets over the age of three have some form of Dental disease.
  • Dental disease can cause pain, and also affect all the organs in the body by slowly releasing bacteria into the blood stream. This has been known to cause, Liver disease, heart disease and kidney disease.
  • Our pets don't cry when they are in pain. They are forced to get on with life, and adjust. This means, most dogs with dental disease will change the way they eat, by eating on one side of their mouth.

Dogs - Microchipping

  • all puppies that are sold or given away must, by law, be microchipped. A microchip can be placed at any time but it is commonly done when the puppy is desexed.
  • Don't forget to change your details with the local council if your circumstances change.

Dogs - Accounts

Our Clinic is unable to offer accounts.

We request that full payment is made at the time of discharge or at completion of treatment, and we may ask for a deposit on admission in some circumstances.

June Dog Assist Desexing Program

Keen Street Veterinary Clinic has offered discounted desexing rates in June for the last 5 years for dogs to help reduce the number of unwanted animals. It has been very successful. We also offer a similar scheme for cats as we believe that it is important to desex your pets.