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We offer basic grooming services including:
* All over hair clipping (short) - Please note that we do not have the full range of blades offered by professional groomers. Our clips are deisgned for 'refreshing' or tick prevention.
* Face, feet &/or bottom clips
* Hydrobathing
* Nail trimming
Some animals will not tolerate the sound or feel of clippers, so to reduce stress on the patient & for the safety of the groomer, some animals will require a general sedation or anaesthetic to achieve this. This is at additional cost to the groom service.
ALL cats require a sedation to be clipped! This is included in the cat price.
During tick season, a lot of owners opt to get short hair cuts to help the daily tick searching process & this can make the difference between finding a tick or missing a tick and your pet becoming paralysed.
Due to the operation of the clinic, all full body groom pets are required to be dropped off in the morning & stay until up to 3pm. This time may vary.
If you have any further questions, please contact our qualified veterinary nurses - we are here to help!