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Dogs - Pet Insurance

  • It is worth considering Pet Insurance, as it can make some pretty expensive bills a lot more affordable. We normally suggest you contact your normal insurer who may have insurance to cover your pet for a additional monthly fee.
  • You will need to check just what they cover, in our area, it would be preferable to have some cover against Snakes and Tick intoxications. It is also best to ask what they cover in terms of Congenital and Hereditary diseases, like Hip dysplasia and heart diseases like Mitral valve disease.
  • If your insurer does not cover you adequately you may want to contact other pet health insurers and get a quote - Prosure, RSPCA pet cover. Bowwow insurance or Petplan.  Try and find a cover that aims to put at least 80% of your Veterinary fees back in your pocket!
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