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Dogs - Desexing

  • We recommend desexing at 6 months of age.This is normally when your puppies adult canines have come through.
  • This is normally before your female dogs first heat and before your male dogs testosterone driven behaviours have set in, like roaming and peeing all over everything.
  • It is normally a day surgery with your pet coming in between 8 and 9am. Your pet will normally go home between 4 and 5pm. We normally require a couple of days notice to book your pet in. It is best to give them a bath the day before the surgery as they are not going to be able to have a bath whilst their stitches are in.
  • The night before their surgery they are able to eat their normal meal, but all meals need to be taken away after 9pm. In the morning of the surgery take away any water so that your pet comes in with an empty stomach. This is to try and prevent vomiting during and after surgery, and the risk of your pet aspirating food into their lungs as they wake up.
  • During the day of their surgery, they are normally given a needle under the skin of the back of their neck which will give them the start of their pain relief for the day and help them to relax in the clinic. They will then have a little patch shaved up on their front leg where they will have a catheter placed. This will be what they have their full anaesthetic through it, and fluids to keep them hydrated through the surgery. They will also receive pain relief through surgery if required and more pain relief as they wake up from surgery.
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