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Dogs - Dental Care

  • 80% of Pets over the age of three have some form of Dental disease.
  • Dental disease can cause pain, and also affect all the organs in the body by slowly releasing bacteria into the blood stream. This has been known to cause, Liver disease, heart disease and kidney disease.
  • Our pets don't cry when they are in pain. They are forced to get on with life, and adjust. This means, most dogs with dental disease will change the way they eat, by eating on one side of their mouth. This will often be seen as severe Tartar and gingivitis on one side of the mouth, and good teeth on the other side.
  • Prevention is the key. Just like people, the ideal situation is to brush your pets teeth. This is best done from when they are young. It is easiest to put something they like on your soft brush and rub it around their gums (e.g. Vegemite, chicken broth). Once they tolerate the brushing behaviour, you can use A toothpaste for Dogs (It can not be human toothpaste, because it is not designed to be swallowed)
  • You can also use raw bones, like chicken wings or necks and brisket bones. Using bones always carries some risk, so you need to choose a bone that is suitable size for your pet. It needs to be big enough to cause chewing and not so small that it is swallowed whole.
  • You can also use dental treats or specially designed dog biscuits to help maintain good dental hygiene.
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