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Cats - Reducing Stress for your Cat

  • A stressed cat may appear nervous, fearful or aggressive. It may be easily excited or irritated, jumpy or timid.
  • to reduce stress it is important to avoid punishing your cat even when the behaviour is inappropriate.
  • It is really important to keep your cat active. You can do this by trying to enrich their environment, and this is particularly important with indoor cats.
  • Cats love to climb and sit up and watch from above, so providing perches at head height and above and climbing structures can be very comforting for cats.
  • when you are away from home you can have some audio or video stimulation, this can be as simple as leaving on the radio.
  • In multiple cat households it is important to resolve any conflict and follow the 1 + 1 rule. This means food, water, kitty litter, toys for each cat, plus and extra. i.e. in a 2 cat household, having 3 kitty litter trays, water bowls and toys can help avoid conflict over access to these things.
  • a great website to get information from isĀ  http://www.indoorcat.org
  • http://indoorpet.osu.edu/
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