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Cats - Desexing

  • We recommend to desex your pet at 6 months of age
  • Desexing is a day procedure. The night before the operation your cat can eat its normal meal, but after 9pm take away all food. In the morning take away the water. We like to have the cats in between 8 and 9am to prepare them for surgery.
  • Male cats will have an area shaved over their scrotum, and 2 incisions made through which they will have their testicles removed. There are no stitches placed.
  • Most female cats will have a flank spey, which means theyi will have a square area shaved on the LHS of their body, just in front of their hindlegs. They will have their ovaries and uterine horns removed. Females will have stitches in place. Most times, these will be absorbable sutures, and they will not have to return to have them removed.
  • Sometimes the hair will grow back darker, especially in some of the longer haired cats, it will normally go back to the same colour after their next moult. Talk to one of the vets or nurses if this concerns you.
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