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Cats - Dental Disease

  • Maintaining good dental hygiene is as an important for our pets as it is for us. Gingivitis, plaque and tartar can all lead to other diseases throughout our body. It can cause pain, especially in the mouth.  Cats do not overtly show their pain, but they change their eating habits to avoid causing pain in their mouth. They may change the diet that they are eating, or the side of the mouth that they chew on.
  • It can also have more severe consequences, leaking toxins and bacteria into the blood stream that can affect the liver, kidneys, heart and brain.
  • 80% of cats over the age of three will have some form of dental disease. It is very important to have good dental hygiene for your cat to help prevent this. After the age of 12 weeks it is important to be offering kittens a variety of foods that you intend to feed them as they get older. This can include raw chicken wings and necks,  raw bones with some meat and sinew attached to encourage chewing.
  • With some cats, the only way you can keep their teeth clean is by brushing their teeth.
  • There are also some diseases that can contribute to dental disease, so keeping their vaccinations current is an important way of helping prevent dental disease.
  •  Even with the best of care, sometimes the only way you can maintain their teeth are with regular general anaesthetics and scaling and polishing their teeth.
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