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Dogs - Accounts

Our Clinic is unable to offer accounts.

We request that full payment is made at the time of discharge or at completion of treatment, and we may ask for a deposit on admission in some circumstances.

VetPay is a credit agency that is able to help you in regards to seeking finance. We are able to help you apply for credit with them, or you can apply through their website to see if you are eligible. They offer you the opportunity to spread the treatment cost out over 12 months via direct debit or credit card deduction, fortnightly or monthly depending on your individual situation.

Veterinary Fees are often unexpected and having Pet Insurance can assist you at times of a crisis or emergency. Some insurance companies offer up to 80% rebate on Veterinary expenses. So opting for health cover for your pet is a definite benefit and should be considered.

If you require any further information about either of these options please do not hesitate to contact the companies directly or us with any questions.

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